Broken Hand Projects

Broken Hand Productions is partnering with a number of production companies to include Sacajawea The Movie, LLC, Spirit Wind Films, LLC, Moon Drake Series, LLC, Martin Nuza Productions, Temple Gate Films, LLC, John Scott Productions, Inc., and our non-profit associates: PAZA Tree of Life and Growing Seeds Worldwide Foundation, to produce important films and series depicting the Old West, current Worldwide storylines and historical eras.

The company’s film slate continues to grow, with projects in various stages from visualization to production.

  • Treatments include the romantic corporate-thriller, Mountain Man (with Spirit Wind Films, LLC); a historical series, Legends of the Four Winds; and Pomp, a 6-night historical series about Sacajawea’s son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.
  • Scripts include 12 scripted episodes of the children’s anime series, Moon Drake; a children’s feature film drama, Kimama’s Wings (with Spirit Wind Films); and Sacajawea, The Windcatcher, an epic historical adventure, hoping to progress into pre-production in 2023-24


Sacajawea, The Windcatcher, an Award-Winning Feature Film Screenplay

The powerful emotion and purpose that drives this feature film will grab hearts everywhere — and not let go. With the harrowing and rugged backdrop of the Lewis and Clark expedition, the “look and feel” of this film will rival The Revenant … And, its awe-inspiring landscapes and magnificent, epic beauty, will remind us of the momentous and unforgettable production of Dances With Wolves.

Sacajawea is a mystery, yet she is relevant for today. She walked with joy and she walked with pain… from her deepest, darkest cave, we will learn about the power of light.

This film is based on a true story and inspired by the journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

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Moon Drake — Children’s Anime TV Series

Broken Hand Productions and Moon Drake Series have partnered with Martin Nuza Productions and Temple Gate Films, to produce this powerful and popular anime series for children, MOON DRAKE. The dynamic production team includes creator, producer, writer, Jane L. Fitzpatrick; producer, writer, Martin Nuza; producer, composer, Rick Balentine; producer, writer, Mark Rickerby; casting director, Tanille Yow Ulm; casting producer, Susan Funk, along with our nonprofit associates, PAZA Tree of Life and Growing Seeds Worldwide Foundation.


“Wisdom from the Earth” – The Power of Indigenous wisdom is at work, connecting us to the heart of the Earth – Humanity, over generations, has listened, wondered, and believed in the mystery, the Great Oneness of Being. These truths are here for us today, and we can, once again, remember what we still know in our souls. The Moon Drake Anime Series is based on environmental, spiritual and human conflicts from specific countries using indigenous cultural traditions, lore and parables from that place. This wisdom from the earth is woven into intriguing anime stories for children to see, hear and learn, unifying young hearts around the globe.


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Kimama’s Wings– Children’s Feature Film


Victoria’s heart is broken after losing the first love of her life… But, through the harshness of racism she learns about the power of change.

Victoria’s heart is broken after losing the first love of her life… She’s too young to understand racism and the human intolerance of diversity. But then, a spirit guide named Kimama helps her, and those she loves, to see something greater than themselves.

Kimama’s Wings is a timeless story that shines a light on the hurtful effects of judgment and racism, and also on the power of faith. A young African American girl, Victoria, is devastated by the loss of her father. The tragedy forces her and her Japanese mother and sister, to move to an unfamiliar place. A place where those who are supposed to love her do not accept her diverse family. But a Native American spirit guide, Kimama, helps them all see something else. Kimama’s Wings is about learning to live life in a spiritual way, by becoming aware of one’s greater purpose and the Oneness of all Creation.

Check back for updates on these and other projects, including details for cast and crew opportunities.


POMP: The Journey Continues…  6 Episode Historical Drama Miniseries

Pomp episode poster 2.png

Pomp, a “half-breed” and Sacajawea’s son, travels the world from Africa to Europe and back to the Gold Rush of America in a harrowing and death-defying adventure that stimulates our romance for the Old West.

Pomp, a “half-breed” and Sacajawea’s son, travels the world from Africa to Europe only to become an Original 49er, a hotel clerk, and a charismatic storyteller. Pomp’s tales of fur trading, gold-digging, buffalo hunts, hobnobbing with mountain men – and war, which leads to his near-death by hanging, unfolds an adventure that surpasses our imagination and stimulates our romance for the Old West.

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“Legends of the Four Winds,” untold stories of unsung heroes of the world.
“Mountain Man,” a romantic corporate-thriller