Spirit Wind Films & Media Projects


Spirit Wind Films and Media is partnering with a number of production companies to produce family-friendly films that inspire and awaken.

Our film slate continues to grow. Most notable is our children’s movie production of Kimama’s Wings – A family-centered film in Development

Victoria’s heart is broken after losing the first love of her life… But, through the harshness of racism she learns about the power of change.

Victoria’s heart is broken after losing the first love of her life… She’s too young to understand racism and people’s intolerance for diversity. But, then, a spirit guide named Kimama helps her, and those she loves, see something greater than themselves.


Kimama’s Wings is a timeless story that shines a light on the hurtful effects of judgment and racism, and also on the power of faith. A young African American girl, Victoria, is devastated at the loss of her father. The tragedy forces her and her Japanese mother and sister, to move to an unfamiliar place. A place where those who are supposed to love her do not accept her diverse family. But a Native American spirit guide, Kimama, helps them all see something else. Kimama’s Wings is about learning to live life in a spiritual way, by becoming aware of one’s greater purpose and the Oneness of all Creation.

Check back for updates on this and other projects, including details for cast and crew opportunities.

Projects in development:
“Crabtree: Lost Children of Borealonon” a children’s (ages 12-14) fantasy/mystery/adventure anime film based on the book by Jane L. Fitzpatrick
“Mountain Man” a romantic thriller feature film by Jane and Matthew Fitzpatrick
“First Cliff” a coming-of-age comedy children’s film by Matthew Fitzpatrick