They say everyone has an intriguing story to tell… In this age of technology, we have the ability to express ourselves and the meaning of the journey, in a most glorious and powerfully compelling way. Special effects, make-up, realistic costuming and the best cameras and high-tech digital equipment help us become exceptional storytellers who are able to reach our message around the world.

Broken Hand Productions was created to share the stories of history, authentically and respectfully, through film. Its purpose is to represent not only Native Americans and U.S. history accurately, but also the stories of Indigenous people around the globe. Every continent proclaims its own unsung heroes with tales of wisdom that can awaken us to a greater purpose.

When we formed this company, we borrowed a name given to a mountain man by the Nez Perce Indians when he suffered a gun accident that took two fingers. Thomas “Broken Hand” Fitzpatrick lived his life at a time when life was rough and harsh. His story is intriguing as he hobnobbed with mountain men at rendezvous and tracked the great buffalo. He even blazed trails with Sacajawea’s son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau (Pomp), as they made their way west to California.

Broken Hand Fitzpatrick seems the perfect icon for our mission — as we strive to respect those who’ve gone before us, and those who’ve completed their part in the circle-of-life. We would not be who we are today without the lives and the stories of our ancestors. It is in our time that we must step outside our differences and come together as one circle, one love. We have much to learn from the light and the dark of lifetimes…

As we say, “We are the dreams of our ancestors. We are the dreamers for those who come.”

Welcome to our journey,
Jane and Matthew Fitzpatrick

Windcatchers of the West

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