Capturing Our Soul

We had just moved into a sweet, little house in a neighborhood of older homes. My grandson, Luke, came over for the day and we took a walk to check things out. We explored all afternoon until the sun began to go down.

On the way back home, we came upon a field, that used to be a park. The area is now filled with new houses, but back then there were mounds of grass and dirt all around.

Luke had found a long stick, and he began running like a warrior, lifting his “spear,” and yelling. I grabbed my phone camera and took some pictures.

Then just as he climbed a mound, he turned, lifting his spear in the air, letting out a loud “yawl!” The sun was in the perfect spot, spraying its rays all around him.

At the time we didn’t realize it, but this photo was to become our logo for Broken Hand Productions. It captures our journey, our passion, our determination, our ancestery, our family… our soul.


Broken Hand Productions and PAZA Tree of Life Unite on a Journey of Love

The path each of us walks is magnificent! Yes, there are ups-and-downs, losses and successes, excitement and disappointment. But that is life, and if we keep the faith, embrace the dream in our heart, claim the vision that was gifted to us and walk toward the light, even if it’s just a pin hole – then some pretty remarkable miracles begin to happen…

Today Broken Hand Productions and its companies, Moon Drake Series and Sacajawea the Windcatcher, are humbled to formally announce our production relationship with a dynamic Indigenous non-profit organization called PAZA Tree of Life. From our first meeting, we realized our Callings were the same, and that we would be stronger together to tell the stories that are destined to share love with the world.

Initially, we were introduced by a mutual friend, and visionary, Blaine Ginther. Through Blaine’s creativity and belief in all our efforts, PAZA Tree of Life so graciously has committed to supporting the Development phase of both Moon Drake Series, in 2022, and Sacajawea the Windcatcher, in 2023.

Delwin Fiddler
PAZA Tree of Life

So many doors have opened since our relationship was formed. So many synergies and circumstances that can only be attributed to spiritual guidance, have been revealed. And so many people excited and truly blessed by the direction we are walking together have given their full and cherished support.

This is only the beginning. There are many projects and programs that are just around the corner being developed and created at this moment. Every Broken Hand Productions’ project will “give-back” to PAZA and other associated nonprofit companies, through their own nonprofit structure, Humanity Shines Organization.

Maria Ragonese PAZA Tree of Life

We invite you to join us on this global, Indigenous, journey of love. There are many things you can do to help; please let us know if you’d like to learn more. What better way to live life, but to be a part of something greater than ourselves? Something that will connect us to the heart of Humanity – through the language of the Ages.

Current Broken Hand Productions projects
associated with PAZA Tree of Life:

2022 – Moon Drake Anime Series for children, ages 8-13, draws together heroic Indigenous characters from every Continent and presents storylines based on unique cultures and relevant environmental, human and spiritual issues we all face. The look & feel of the production uses the popular anime technology children love, focusing on the power of diversity and respect for the earth… valuable lessons that help bring the world together.

2023 – Sacajawea, The Windcatcher, is a story that has never been told in a major production, yet it is about a well-known icon of American history. Sacajawea’s life, as an abused Indigenous Shoshoni girl in 1805, is relevant for today – for her courageous journey brings hope to women of all ages around the world. This project honors the proud heritage, traditions and languages of Native American people, which has fascinated other cultures for generations. Throughout this adventurous story, it is Sacajawea’s infinite spirit that heralds a message of Truth and Love for all people of the earth.



A prayer at the cedar tree…

great cedarIt is a cool, bright evening — the sun still shines heading for its transition to another day. I light the sage and its pungent fragrance billows around me. Its movement in the breeze is a perfect metaphor for Love… Standing at the magnificent cedar, I take a small strip of its curled bark and put it to my nose…

I thank the tree and light the bark, letting it burn out in my hand until it drops to the earth. The earth…. one entity, one unit of harmonious glory — creation is within, without, around and through, above and below. It is Imagination, it is a most majestic orb.

I dig a hole and place the bark’s ashes inside and cover it — for it is not just here in this place now, it is part of the soil carrying my prayer through its Oneness to every direction.

I call to Creator for all to hear — the trees, the grass and flowers, the tiniest insects on each stem – the microbes living in the depths of the seas, the ominous whales moving, effortlessly, through the waves. The winds, the rains, the songs, the words, and every sound from every species – indeed, every cry from the smallest bird with wings so thin, to the wisest raptor – the greatest ones. I hear the baby’s heartbeat and the raging storm, as  thunder cracks and lightning dances on the horizon. Every being, every eye, every realm…Knows this power.

grandfather cedarAll is the mystical energy we are – the essence we were created from, created by, created for the greatness of all that is. And, as the sage continues to rise up the tree trunk, it carries this energy that is unlimited and unstoppable to everything that is happening within this moment in the Universe.

I pray in that knowing – I claim this for the Calling that has come through the Ages and brought us together. I pray we recognize everything that is before us and know it is from our Creator. We remember the open doors are not opened by us, but opened by the Great Spirit. We choose to walk through these doors, each one with purpose, no doubt, no fear – and just for us. It is our Calling, and it takes our gratitude and thanksgiving to realize it to the fullest.

We are protected, we are so very loved and cherished, we are part of the greatest mission of all time. It is NOW that the Universe has chosen to bring all the elements together, from deep darkness to brilliant light, working in synchronicity… toward Creation’s purpose. It is a mission for the brave to walk by faith.

I think again on the sage’s smoke making its way to “someplace” we don’t know, but we don’t have to know everything, because we believe in the path it takes.

~Spirit Wind

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