Capturing Our Soul

We had just moved into a sweet, little house in a neighborhood of older homes. My grandson, Luke, came over for the day and we took a walk to check things out. We explored all afternoon until the sun began to go down.

On the way back home, we came upon a field, that used to be a park. The area is now filled with new houses, but back then there were mounds of grass and dirt all around.

Luke had found a long stick, and he began running like a warrior, lifting his “spear,” and yelling. I grabbed my phone camera and took some pictures.

Then just as he climbed a mound, he turned, lifting his spear in the air, letting out a loud “yawl!” The sun was in the perfect spot, spraying its rays all around him.

At the time we didn’t realize it, but this photo was to become our logo for Broken Hand Productions. It captures our journey, our passion, our determination, our ancestery, our family… our soul.


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